TOYTOKYO by Manami Okazaki

TOYTOKYO   It’s funny how chance or luck or whatever you want to call it works! Some time ago I happened to have a one man show at Chinzanso Hotel in Tokyo in collaboration with Klee Inc, TOKYO-GA project. As part of the show I’d been asked to do a talk about my various works on display. It so happened that Elizabeth Addyman Creative Coordinator for Hasselblad Japan came to my talk, was intrigued by my pinhole photographs and asked me to show work in the Hasselblad Gallery. TOYTOKYO 1 During my exhibition I did a pinhole photography workshop at Hasselblad Tokyo which was a lot of fun and just as the exhibition was about to end Manami Okazaki contacted me having heard about my huge 1m by 2m pinhole images and on the last day of the exhibition went to see my work. Chance………..!?!?!?!? Luck………….!?!?!?!?!?!? who knows, but Manami contacted me again after seeing my work, we did a interview over Skype and she kindly invited me to be part of this wonderful book project. I feel privileged to be in the company of so many amazing photographers and to honour the camera makers interviewed in this book whom despite all the odds, in this digital age, strive to produce something wonderfully different that inspires creativity. TOYTOKYO 2