Roqberry Tea

Roqberry Tea is now live so thought I'd share a few of the pictures we did with my good friends at Distil Studio Always a pleasure and we got some great pictures from their fab ideas. I just wish I could share the aromas and flavours from the shoot! You can click the links to see more and try some for yourself, yum yum.

Roqberry Tea2018-04-08T20:39:19+09:00

Econics Technologies

Just finished a project for Econic Technologies working with the very talented people at The Allotment Brand Design. They did a complete overhaul of the brand and it culminated in a new website with corporate portraits and video (hence my involvement) plus an amazing animation. It went down to the wire with timings on everything coming together but we got there in the end.

Econics Technologies2017-10-03T21:10:06+09:00

Caragh Chocolates is Live!

By hand, by boat, by carriage... I was lucky enough to be commissioned by Distil Studio to work with them to capture a series of tasty portraits for Caragh Chocolates as the final part of their wonderful rebrand of this chocolate company based on the island of Sark. Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case) a good deal of their wonderful chocolates didn't make it to the

Caragh Chocolates is Live!2016-11-11T00:15:26+09:00
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