Was interviewed for an article about me personal project with the good people of Senwachokai in Asakusa a couple of months ago and now the article is finally online so please check it out when you have chance. https://wattention.com/capturing-precious-moments-from-sanja-matsuri-interview-with-michael-feather/


Roqberry Tea

Roqberry Tea is now live https://www.roqberry.com/ so thought I'd share a few of the pictures we did with my good friends at Distil Studio Always a pleasure and we got some great pictures from their fab ideas. I just wish I could share the aromas and flavours from the shoot! You can click the links to see more and try some for yourself, yum yum.

Roqberry Tea2018-04-08T20:39:19+09:00

Leeds Rhino’s Foundation

I've been doing some work with Leeds Rhino's Foundation and have been lucky enough to not only attend a few games and meet the players, but also I got a chance to do some portraits of them. So here are a few of the shots.

Leeds Rhino’s Foundation2016-11-11T19:01:29+09:00

Photo Imaging Expo 2009 Tokyo

  Today I went to Tokyo Big Site for PIE 2009  photo show. Lots of cameras and lighting and gadgets to play with! Great fun and I also won a camera! 

Photo Imaging Expo 2009 Tokyo2016-11-10T21:55:48+09:00