The Blue Lion at East Witton

Today we had Sunday lunch at the Blue Lion in the village of East Witton, the roast beef was ALMOST as good at the Imperial Hotel, Tokyo!!!!!!!!

The Blue Lion at East Witton2016-11-10T21:55:45+09:00

Imperial Hotel Lunch

Today we had a roast beef lunch at the Imperial Hotel in Hibiya. The roast beef is probably the best roast beef in Tokyo, but you must like your beef rare and be prepared to pay as the lunch set is not cheap!

Imperial Hotel Lunch2016-11-10T21:55:48+09:00

The Great British Pub

During a Christmas  holiday  in the UK, Anil and Susy took us for lunch to a little Pub near Warwick called The Boot Inn. Good food with good friends, it doesn't get much better than that.  We had starters of pumpkin soup and a tasty, warm blue cheese quiche, followed by roast duck leg or roast pork with apple sauce and

The Great British Pub2016-11-10T21:55:50+09:00

Fish and Chips in England.

  Fish and chips are probably the most famous food of the UK, so I thought I would share. Usually they are wrapped in newspaper and you eat from the paper as you would a plate! We ate at the Mermaid in Morley, West Yorkshire.

Fish and Chips in England.2016-11-10T21:55:50+09:00