Sanja Masturi 2014

Well it was that time of year again to enjoy Sanja Matsuri in Asakusa. Time flys eh! This time last year I had my studio set up in a local garage and took portraits of Senwachokai members and anyone else who I could entice into my little makeshift studio, this year I am here recording sound for an event at Paris Photo in November. The

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「TOKYO-GA meets 浅草三社祭described by Michael FEATHER」

  浅草千和町会は三社祭りを支える氏子四十四町会、西部エリアに属する町会のひとつです。 東京都の現在の地名には存在しないにもかかわらず、ここには浅草千束に生きることを誇りにする人々が住んでいます。 彼らは、浅草神社の大祭、三社祭を一年間の中心に据え、三社祭と共に育んできた日々の暮らしの質、 人々との繋がりの大切さ、そして個人としての尊厳も磨いています。 "現代の江戸っ子の粋"を象徴する祭り装束のポートレートを中心に、英国人写真家、マイケル・フェザーが撮り下ろしました。 「TOKYO-GA meets 浅草三社祭 described by Michael FEATHER」 - 浅草千和町会青年部 伝統を未来に受け継ぐ心意気 2012-2013 - 会期:2014.4.30-5.20 開館時間: [ 月-土 ] 午前10時-午後9時 [ 日・祝休日 ] 午前10時-午後8時 入場料:無料 西武池袋本店 5F ライカ&カメラスタイル 〒171-8569 東京都豊島区南池袋1-28-1 西武池袋本店 5F TEL:03-5949-2227 ライカ&カメラスタイル A few years ago in Tokyo, I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the warm, welcoming and friendly people of Senwachokai a community group

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Hanami in Yoyogi Park

Tokyo during Hanami (Cherry Blossom time) is a transformed city and everyone just has to go and see the Cherry Blossom at some point. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My good friend also Eliya took some pictures that beautifully capture the atmosphere of Hanami and he kindly allowed me to share some of them here.   

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M・A・C, the official makeup sponsor of Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo’s production of Swan Lake

牧阿佐美バレヱ団公演の『白鳥の湖』。 そのオフィシャル メイクアップ プロバイダーとして舞台裏でサポートされている、M・A・C様の撮影。 こちらもご覧ください。   On Sunday I was lucky enough to be asked by M・A・C, the official makeup sponsor of Asami Maki Ballet Tokyo’s production of Swan Lake, to take backstage pictures and capture the atmosphere and their talented make-up artists at work. It was an amazing experience, I hope you enjoy this glimpse behind the curtains! To see

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Sanja Matsuri

For my project during the Sanja Matsuri I wanted to take some portraits of members of Senwachokai as well as local people who happened to pass by my makeshift garage studio. Not being able to find the kind of background I wanted I decided to make my own, buying a 3m by 5m canvas and painting it with  Midorikawa san a wonderful

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Sanja Matsuri

What a weekend!!!!!!!!! I was lucky enough to spend the weekend with Senwachokai during Sanja Matsuri. I took many pictures during the weekend, but the main part for me was portraits in a make shift studio I set up in a garage near their community building .  

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