Hanami in Yoyogi Park

Tokyo during Hanami (Cherry Blossom time) is a transformed city and everyone just has to go and see the Cherry Blossom at some point. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My good friend also Eliya took some pictures that beautifully capture the atmosphere of Hanami and he kindly allowed me to share some of them here.   

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Beautiful….it’s…..REAL GRASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Having lived in Tokyo for a good few years now, I've sort of got used to the concrete metropolis that it is. There are large parks where you can while away an afternoon in an oasis of green, however due to a large population and high land prices you generally find the closer you are to the city centre, the less green spaces

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I was walking in Ebisu Garden Place today and saw this one solitary cloud in the sky. My first thought was "Is Laputa in that cloud?". I suppose living in Japan and loving Miyazaki's movies makes me think like that, rather than thinking "Oh, a nice cloud in a blue sky!". If you think I'm going crazy, you should see me when I visit


Punjab Sweet Center in Bradford

No trip to the UK can be complete (for me anyway) without a trip to the Punjab Sweet Center, one of my favorite Indian restaurants.

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AFURI ゆずラーメン


AFURI ゆずラーメン2016-11-10T21:55:47+00:00
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