Roqberry Tea

Roqberry Tea is now live so thought I'd share a few of the pictures we did with my good friends at Distil Studio Always a pleasure and we got some great pictures from their fab ideas. I just wish I could share the aromas and flavours from the shoot! You can click the links to see more and try some for yourself, yum yum.

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TOYTOKYO by Manami Okazaki

  It's funny how chance or luck or whatever you want to call it works! Some time ago I happened to have a one man show at Chinzanso Hotel in Tokyo in collaboration with Klee Inc, TOKYO-GA project. As part of the show I'd been asked to do a talk about my various works on display. It so happened that Elizabeth Addyman Creative Coordinator for Hasselblad

TOYTOKYO by Manami Okazaki 2016-11-10T21:55:40+00:00

MAC LaLaport Tokyo Bay, New store opening

  MAC LaLaport At the end of last month I was in Tokyo doing a shoot for MAC Cosmetics Japan, they had lots of events happening for a new store opening in LaLaport. As their photographer I of course needed to be made up (tough job for the most experienced makeup artists!) however this allowed me to have a picture taken with MAC's lovely

MAC LaLaport Tokyo Bay, New store opening 2016-11-10T21:55:40+00:00

Hanami in Yoyogi Park

Tokyo during Hanami (Cherry Blossom time) is a transformed city and everyone just has to go and see the Cherry Blossom at some point. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My good friend also Eliya took some pictures that beautifully capture the atmosphere of Hanami and he kindly allowed me to share some of them here.   

Hanami in Yoyogi Park 2016-11-24T21:21:11+00:00
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